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Please complete a separate contract for each individual rink and use the pricing below on each contract.
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Additional Persons (First two members are included) $25/ea
Additional Mailing Addresses $30/ea

Please complete all information on both pages of this contract for each individual rink. Please note that Rink Address is the physical address of your rink, Shipping Address is where you have large packages hand delivered (CAN NOT be sent to a post office box), and Mailing Address is where you have small mail sent (can include a post office box).

Skating Center Information

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Individual Member Names

Please print or type name(s) of person(s) who will represent the facility in the association. First two individuals are included. Each additional member name is $25. If more than 5, please include names and titles on a separate sheet of paper. Check one title. Email and phone information below is for office use only and will not be published.

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